Are Messengers Alive and Well in 2016?

Messenger Service MiamiI have heard from time to time that the messenger industry is a dinosaur industry.

I have been hearing this since the fax machine became popular and now the Internet and scanning technology with its capability to duplicate signatures that at one time required round trip hand deliveries as a daily routine.

But as far as this morning when I last checked my newsfeed we have not perfected the technology of teleportation!

And in today’s high speed world where planning becomes reality with frightening speed, the average consumer wants his goods delivered NOW.

The Miami Fl area is NO exception to this. With a mix of vacationers, retirees and general family dwellers, Miami residents expect to have fast turnaround on the delivery of items that they need for pleasure, business or living essentials.

Per a recent survey of 23,000 people it was found that 54% of them purchase weekly or monthly ON LINE! Many of these currently or in the near future will make those purchases from their smart phones. In many cases this means they will expect to have that item at their doorstep when they arrive home or within a few hours after that  – they are in such a hurry to purchase that they will do it while engaged in other activities and without much planning.

ASAP Courier is able to do this for them like no other service. It is why we have existed for 30 years and will continue ling after other services have gone. WE DELIVER! We understand the consumer and Business Professional’s needs for instantaneous courier service in the Miami area and we have continued to grow in the messenger and delivery industry because we fulfill this need in a fast and reliable manner and with courteous and friendly service. CALL US AND SEE! 305-947-7477

305-947-7477 Super Rush, Rush, Same Day, Next Day Courier and Delivery Services in Miami, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton

ASAP Messenger LOGISTICS Inc. 305-947-7477 specializes in time-definite distribution of packages anywhere in any city. Our drivers are all certified, insured, and uniformed.

Super Rush, Rush, Same Day, Next Day, and Pre-Scheduled services for guaranteed time-definite transfer of your vital parcels.

Our messenger service is recognized as dependable and fast.

Super Rush service is picked up within one hour and taken straight to delivery location.

Rush service is picked up within one hour and provided within 3 hours (exact same county) or 4 hours (different county).

Same Day service arranged to be picked up prior to 10:30 will be picked up and delivered by 5:00 pm.

Next Day service will always be received at your location and delivered to its destination by 5:00 pm on the following day.

Pre-Scheduled will certainly be provided at the specific time set up.

We have a big fleet to take care of hefty or out of town work.

ASAP MESSENGER and LOGISTICS has the ability to offer all our messenger service at lesser rates than our rival courier companies.

As a rush service or arranged service, ASAP MESSENGER and LOGISTICS will pick up your package any time for instant placement on the next air travel to any city in the U.S. We could pick up after twelve o’clock at night and still deliver before 9:00 a.m. to the 50 biggest cities in the nation.
The service that ASAP Couriers offers is time delicate distribution of papers, packages and less than truckload (LTL) freight. Our staff will work as part of your team to expedite these deliveries. Your deadlines are taken seriously by our messengers and they will certainly go the extra mile to provide on time delivery! We will deliver to ANY US city.

We have a huge fleet to handle heavy or out of town work.

We specialize in retrieving packages from the local airports for single or large-scale shipment.

CALL 954-527-4444.

The areas serviced by ASAP Messenger and Courier Delivery Services include Ft Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and Other Locations In Southern Florida.

Courier Services in Miami and Surrounding Areas of Southern Florida

Southern Florida Messenger Services

Businesses in southern Florida have majorly depended on neighborhood courier solutions as a method of effectively relocating the products and packages to various other points within the area. While UPS, DHL, FedEx or even the USPS serve general postal and shipping needs well enough, there are regularly times where particular kinds of materials have to be rapidly and sensitively transported in a direct fashion from one company to another within the same day or sometimes within an hour or so, which call for the usage of couriers and messengers. These solutions enhance the security and care with which the item is provided, along with frequently saving money and time.

What courier services do is provide a much more direct and instant methods of delivering vital materials around town, or throughout  the counties in South Florida areas such as West Palm Beach, Miami, Boca Raton, Ft Lauderdale. Weston, Port St Lucie, Keywest and various other areas of Dade and Broward Counties. This affords satisfaction for many companies understanding that certain vital materials could be carried within mins of their being finished, and get to their their place in the area within minutes or hours, which could accelerate and help with the same day completion of operations relying on the task. Messengers additionally function as a backup for companies to move products for projects that are behind deadline.

A messenger solution can additionally be designated when possible to deliver a package deal of products directly to the spot where they are required, as in the case of construction websites or other one-of-a-kind locations or situations. The safety of the transaction is additionally boosted due to the fact that the parcel is often being delivered by itself, to the exemption of various other deliveries, making it more difficult to become “lost in the shuffle” as it might when it come to a general mailing service.

In spite of the greater specificity, directness and rate of dispatch using a courier service, this form of carrying deliveries is surprisingly usually cheaper than delivering products through UPS, DHL et al. These benefits are progressively making messengers a preferred means of delivering materials throughout the southern Florida location. Premium courier services will offer a diverse assortment of options in delivering bundles consisting of bicycle, vehicle, van or truck, and the rate ranges relying on the weight or mass of the product, security or dealing with requirements, and the rate with which the product must be provided.


So you want to find a Miami courier service that would carry out the same day delivery of your package?

It is something that people like you and me want to know. If you need to get it delivered in 5 hours or less, learn this great secret others don’t want you to know.

So you want to find a Miami courier service that will meet your expectations? I understand how you feel. In fact, my privilege of participating in the bid process was nearly denied when the bid package wasn’t delivered on time.

Yet, I have a secret to share… And this is it:

I got my package delivered in time and so can you!

And get this – almost 50% of contracting businesses won’t even start simply because they have no chance to participate in a bidding process only because their bid packages are not delivered on time!

You might not be in a contracting business but this is good news for you, especially since you want to know where to find a reliable same day Miami courier service, we can turn this fact to our advantage.

I want you to think about this – when you look for couriers, you choose companies that claim to meet your needs, am I correct?

Typically, we worry when something doesn’t go right and things do tend to go wrong. I understand. That seems natural but this is absolutely not the way it is supposed to work!

So instead, let’s use this powerful piece of my advice to find a Miami courier service that would deliver your package in 5 hours or less.

What is this advice? It is this…

Local same day delivery services are much faster and cheaper than large national carriers.

  1. Perform a quick search on the web and give a call to a local company.
  2. Place your order and rest assured.

Warning: Do not neglect the above! Be sure to take this advice seriously if you want to have your package delivered in no time flat!


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