Are Messengers Alive and Well in 2016?

Messenger Service MiamiI have heard from time to time that the messenger industry is a dinosaur industry.

I have been hearing this since the fax machine became popular and now the Internet and scanning technology with its capability to duplicate signatures that at one time required round trip hand deliveries as a daily routine.

But as far as this morning when I last checked my newsfeed we have not perfected the technology of teleportation!

And in today’s high speed world where planning becomes reality with frightening speed, the average consumer wants his goods delivered NOW.

The Miami Fl area is NO exception to this. With a mix of vacationers, retirees and general family dwellers, Miami residents expect to have fast turnaround on the delivery of items that they need for pleasure, business or living essentials.

Per a recent survey of 23,000 people it was found that 54% of them purchase weekly or monthly ON LINE! Many of these currently or in the near future will make those purchases from their smart phones. In many cases this means they will expect to have that item at their doorstep when they arrive home or within a few hours after that  – they are in such a hurry to purchase that they will do it while engaged in other activities and without much planning.

ASAP Courier is able to do this for them like no other service. It is why we have existed for 30 years and will continue ling after other services have gone. WE DELIVER! We understand the consumer and Business Professional’s needs for instantaneous courier service in the Miami area and we have continued to grow in the messenger and delivery industry because we fulfill this need in a fast and reliable manner and with courteous and friendly service. CALL US AND SEE! 305-947-7477